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Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Winter in Appleton

In spite of an occasional polar vortex and bone-chilling temperatures, the Appleton area can be remarkable beautiful in the middle of winter. Just looking out into the backyard of a typical home reveals beauty in the snow. Or the snow and ice. Or the snow, ice, frost, and bitter cold, depending on your mood. To really enjoy Appleton, many people find that it helps a lot to take up winter sports like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, hockey, the mysterious sport of ice fishing, ice skating, or even curling. Appleton abounds in winter activities for the brave and properly dressed. Of course, there's also hot chocolate. 

Here are a couple of shots from an Appleton neighborhood I visited recently. 

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Hello Sir..

My name is Agung and I come from Bali.
I got scholarship from Fulbright and they placed me in Appleton, Wisconsin. I kinda worried about winter in Appleton. Since I coming from tropical island (and never touched snow before) and of course winter is one of my challenge there.

If you don't mind, could you please tell me where I can buy used winter coat ? because I am just a student with a limited amount of monthly stipend and couldnt afford of new one :D

Thanking you in advance for your kind information
Have a great day!

with best regards,
Thanks, Agung. Are you there now? A great place for used items is Goodwill Industries. There is one at Highway 47 and near Hwy 441. Also the Community Clothes Closet in Menasha is a great place. Could be perfect.

Email me at jeff at jefflindsay dot com.

In email, let me know where you live, what you're studying, etc. At Lawrence? Welcome to the Valley!

We have been to Bali and love it. We want to go back and live there at least one month a year when we retire.
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