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Monday, January 13, 2014


Island Sushi in Appleton (Replacing Jet Sushi)

Jet Sushi is no more and has been replaced by Island Sushi, so you can still get good sushi at the same location, 62 Eisenhower Drive, Appleton, Wisconsin. Phone: (920) 993-2222. It may not be the best sushi you've tasted (according to one sushi critic I respect, but the reviews at Yelp are highly positive), but they have one important secret advantage: they deliver. A family in east Appleton reported to me that they had an OK (good but not great) sushi meal recently that was actually delivered by Island Sushi. Delivery may not be available for all locations nor at all times, so don't have unreasonable expectations, but when there's a polar vortex or something sweeping across Appleton, it's nice to stay home and let someone else bring the sushi to you. Sweet.

 Island Sushi is on Facebook at Keep those sushi boats sailing!