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Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Osaka Japanese Grill

I have long been curious about a relatively recent addition to Appleton, the Osaka Japanese Grill and Steakhouse, so I took my wife there for lunch recently. We tried a mix of sushi and sashimi. Flavors and preentation were good, though the texture of the tuna was a bit off, making me fear it had been frozen. I am not sure. Service was good and prices were reasonable. The employees there at the time were speaking Mandarin Chinese. I chatted with the manager and learned she was from Hong Kong. Very friendly, like the others I met there. I am not yet sure how the steak side of things are at Osaka. 

Overall, I'd give it an acceptable to good rating for the food with excellent service. The setting is pleasant and spacious, making it a good place to get away from the stress of shopping while out at the Fox River Mall. 

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