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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Good News: One of Appleton's Most Unsavory Businesses To Close

For those of you oppose the sexual exploitation of women for profit, you might be pleased to find that one of Appleton's most unsavory establishments will be closing soon and converted to a less objectionable enterprise. According to The Post-Crescent, the infamous Paradise Club, a strip joint at a prominent location next to the Fox River Mall, has been purchased by Bob Gregorski (kudos, Bob!), who will convert it for a different purpose, one that Bob intends to be helpful to the community. 

The unsavory exploitation of women at the Paradise Club will continue until Dec. 31. A similar club may then open up elsewhere in this or a nearby community, if local citizens allow it. But unless you're the kind who welcomes new garbage dumps in your backyard, I suggest you speak out and keep this as far away as possible. 

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