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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Uptick in Bedbugs: Beware

Appleton and Wisconsin in general has been facing an uptick in bedbug infestations. Part of this may be due to increased awareness, but increased international travel may be a bigger factor. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a report, "Bedbugs on the Rise in Wisconsin," which is still relevant, though published in 2010. Closer to home, the Appleton City Government has a page on their website, Bedbugs in Appleton, with some useful resources for dealing with the problem. 

In modern homes, exterminators can apply chemicals to fumigate a home and kill the bedbugs while people are away. But in older homes that are drafty, the chemical method may not be possible. Instead, the recommended treatment method may involve waiting until summer heat is present, and then adding electrical heaters to bring the internal temperature of the house to around 130 degrees Fahrenheit or so. 

Be careful when traveling to avoid staying in beds with tell-tale signs of bedbug infestation. If you are stating somewhere that has been hit with bedbugs, your baggage will need to be wrapped in a plastic bag and kept hot long enough to kill bed bugs, or other treatments may be needed. Keep bedbugs out of your home. Some tips on killing bedbugs in your luggage are offered by USA Today.

For more on the pest than you may want to know, see the Univ. of Wisconsin Extension report on bedbugs.

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