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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The Great Grill & Sushi Buffet: Now Even More Sushi in Appleton!

One of the many changes I noticed when in Appleton in December was that the Old Country Buffer on the north side of the Fox River Mall was becoming The Great Buffet, or more specifically, The Great Grill & Sushi Buffet. Just a few days ago it officially opened, as reported by Maureen Wallenfang in her popular column, "The Buzz" in the Post-Crescent.  Haven't tried it yet, but my expectations are high. 

There are now so many sushi options in Appleton. Far East, Koreana, Island Sushi, Osaka Grill, Great Buffet, Dong Po, and a few others. What is your favorite?

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Koreana is our favorite.
Sushi buffets are nice, though. We've aten at Fuji Sushi. Enjoyed it.
Wow, you are quick, Jeff. Are you back in blogging business? ;-)
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