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Sunday, January 05, 2014


Glass Nickel Pizza Still a Winner

Pizza places come and go, but my favorites seem to stick. Glass Nickel is one of those. I took family there recently for a pizza feast, where we ordered 4 pizzas: The Cardiac Arrest, the vegetarian, Sacre Bleu, and a Mediterranean. Cardia Arrest was my favorite, in spite of its unhealthy name. The meat level wasn't abnormally high but the flavor was terrific. Remarkably good crust and sauce, too. Sacre Bleu with the unusual zip of blue cheese was also a favorite with my group. Delightful. I was also pleased to see that Glass Nickel still uses my photos for decoration along its walls. Check them out!

I also had a Greek salad while there. Hugh - one salad served four of us. Good flavors.

Thanks. Glass Nickel, for a delicious feast!

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