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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Exciting New Shop in Appleton: Postal Express and More

Yesterday I had a positive experience at a new business in Appleton, Postal Express & More (1835 E. Edgewood Drive, Appleton - at the southwest corner of Ballard and Edgewood), a great place for shipping, mailing, bulk mailings, printing, poster creation, passport photos, and many other services. I went there because I needed to get a bicycle shipped from Appleton out to Utah. Dan Hoslo was there and really went the extra mile to get the bike shipped. He took it apart, labeled the parts, and shipped it to a bike shop in Provo, Utah where it will be re-assembled for my son. He went the extra mile to keep our costs low by fitting it within as small a box as possible to reduce shipping fees. I was very impressed with the service.

I talked with Dan about the shop which is owned by his wife, Chris. I learned that in addition to the typical office services you might expect at such a shop - UPS, FedEx, and DHL shipping, delivery services, copying, binding, etc., they also provide much more:
  • Mailbox rental with the US Postal Service - and since they have a street address and storage capabilities, you can also receive FedEx shipments and other shipments that a normal P.O. Box won't give you. Large packages can also be received and stored there for you to pick up.

  • Advanced color printing up to 42 inches wide. They can print out posters and other photos on beautiful photographic paper to create large images at surprisingly affordable prices. Chris will also work with you to help you in creating a poster by selecting the right backgrounds and borders. I saw an example where people just brought in a collection of photos, and these were customized to create the image of a bulletin board with lots of framed photos tacked on. And printing on real canvas is possible with the new printer they have acquired. I might be one of the first to try it out.

  • Assistance in bulk mailings. They can provide mailings to carrier routes or demographic units in presorted arrays that bring mailing costs way down. Was impressed with their knowledge and resources in this area.

  • Many other services such as notary public services, passport photos, binding and laminating, etc. And for binding, they can do true spiral binding, not just the plastic comb binding that is so common these days. A true spiral bound report can be much easier on the reader.

Best of luck to Postal Express and More, a valuable new addition to Appleton's small business community.

Phone: 920-993-3333
Email: postalexpressmore at
Nice write up Don and Chris!!! They deserve it! We are Modern Touch Dentistry, right next door to them and they have helped us out in many, many ways. They always go the extra mile and run a great business!
Tracey Conger
Office Manager
Modern Touch Dentistry
(920) 993-8682
Agree, great place!
They are awesome!!
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