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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Big Tomatoes: Great Choice for Italian

Big Tomatoes is a fairly new Italian place in downtown Neenah that I strongly recommend for a quick and tasty lunch with a variety of outstanding salads, pasta dishes, paninis, etc. It's located on the heart of Neenah at 124 W Wisconsin Ave. You have to go inside a complex on the south side of Wisconsin to find the entrance (it's where Luna's used to be).

For lunch, Big Tomatoes is somewhat like Zuppas. You place your order at a deli-like counter, and then go into the dining area where your food will be brought if it's not ready yet. I had the fresh green salad with carmelized pear, gorgonzola cheese, and pistachio nuts. Spectacular. The paninis were also good. I've taken people there twice with positive results both times. Reasonably priced, fast, and very friendly.

The completely different dinner menu looks great as well, though I haven't tried dinner there yet. Look forward to the experience. One of the staff there told me that dinners there are truly excellent. No reason to doubt that based on what I've tasted so far. Phone: (920) 729-9712.
Awesome place!
I tried Indian Darbar and reviewed it at Blogger Beer. The owner cooks at Maharajah West in Madison a place I eat at frequently.

In addition, I am going to sample the new Arabic place in town. We stopped in and was not enthused about it. No lamb schwermas and do not recall seeing the fantastic Arabic fruit cocktail.
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