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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Pyrotechnics Guild International: Convention Held in Fox Cities Area

Pyrotechnics Guild International held a large convention at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, just a few miles outside of Appleton. My family watched from a distance last night, the closing night of their convention. Spectacular fireworks! Ah, to be a pyrotechnics developer - except for the constant risk of explosion.

Photos from the Post-Crescent's coverage of the fireworks display are here.
I thought it was *way* over-hyped. Although it was a decent show, I wasn't sure it was $15/ea decent. For my money, Menasha's fireworks are splendid every year.

Everyone said "Friday is THE night to go!" and I was made to expect 2 hours worth of fireworks.

Instead, it was a half and hour of fireworks, I think the show started about 40 minutes late, and I encountered some of the rudest people (both "members" and staff) I've ever met. The PGI folks are a bunch of jerks.
The best night was Sunday night... we had 4 shows back to back. Same situation happened in Gillette in 2003 where we were all riled up for this spectacular show on Fri. night and the main show they bragged about had lots of pauses and piddly little ground displays with a "cowboy" theme and sometimes one little stupid shells that went off up in the air and a pause that supposedly was supposed to be timed to some western cowboy song... In Fargo in 2004 the last night we were rained out even though they did manage to do the firecracker string but they rained checked everybody for the next night which we had to miss.
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