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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Best Place to Spend $1? Vande Walle's for Ice Cream!

While Goosebumps remains my top pick for ice cream in the area, another great choice and great value can be found in one of Appleton's classiest shops, Vande Walle's near the Fox River Mall. This famous home of fabulous chocolates and baked goods also has an ice cream bar where, at least for the summer, they are offering ice cream cones at a sale price of 95 cents each ($1 even after tax). That's for a single generous scoop. While trying to decide between two great flavors, the girl working there said that they can do two half scoops. Nice idea! So I had a turtle-strawberry combination. Perfect!
This Chocolate store is addicting!! It is very delicious, you can even take a short tour!!
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