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Monday, July 24, 2006


Looking to Buy a Home in Appleton? National Open House Airs Tonight!

Appleton homes are featured tonight at National Open House airs at 9:30 pm Central Time. If you're thinking about moving to Appleton, this show will help you know just how much of a mortgage you'll need.

FYI, real estate and property taxes in Appleton have declined slightly, but properties have just been reappraised, typically at slightly higher values than four years ago. So property taxes aren't going to ease off much, and home equity loans and other financial burdens need to be used with great caution giving the increasing expense of living in this nation. The cost of living in Appleton, though, is a healthy 12% below the national average. Makes up for some of those higher taxes.

Appleton's housing market is softening right now, especially in light of some corporate downsizing, so it's a buyer's market.

Anyway, enjoy the show tonight on HGTV and look at some of the real estate opportunities in this area. (It will also be broadcast again at 1:30 am for you night owls.)