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Saturday, August 05, 2006


High Cliff State Park

Here are a couple photos from a walk at High Cliff State Park on Friday night. The lime kiln ruins are from a once-booming business based on converting High Cliff's abundant limestone to lime for use in cement. The other photos show a sunset scene over Lake Winnebago as viewed from the Lime Kiln Trail. The other photo is from the marina area.

The lime kiln ruins are from the Western Lime and Cement Company, which survived for a century from 1856 to 1956. Three kilns were here, burning wood and later coal to convert limestone to the more reactive lime (calcium oxide).

Love sunsets!
Nice pictures! High cliff is nice. We launch our boat from there every weekend.

What is the story behind those "lime kilns"? I always see them from the lake and wonder.
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