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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Another Great Ice Cream Place: Badger Ice Cream in Menasha

Here's another great choice for local ice cream: Badger Ice Cream on Highway 114 in Menasha (905 Plank Road, a couple blocks north of Jefferson Park). They have 32 flavors of outstanding Breyers and Cedar Crest premium ice cream. A friend and I went there on our way back from a meeting tonight and we were impressed. I had a monstrous "single" scoop made of two half scoops, and my friend had a waffle cone with the same split single scoop. Under $4 for both of us. My flavors were raspberry frozen yogurt and Almond Joy. Very refreshing.

They also serve hot dogs and other snack foods, but the ice cream is the draw here.

So who has the best ice cream in the Valley?

The best ice cream dessert in a restaurant has been the triple ice cream cake I had at Fusion.

For cones, Goosebumps is still my favorite, but Badger Ice Cream is a close second.

Best deal: the 95 cent cones (while the sale lasts) at Vande Walle's in Appleton.

Most creative ice cream dishes: the combinations at Cold Stone Creamery.
We are new to the area but have recently discovered Maggie Moo's near the Fox Valley Mall. It is a locally owned chain and one of only two in the state. All the ice cream is made fresh in the store and is amazing!
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