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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Excellent Customer Service at WG&R Furniture

WG&R Furniture pleasantly surprised me the other day with outstanding customer service. We had purchased some couches from the last year, and one of them developed an open seam in a small part of the microfiber material. They sent a repair man to our home who fixed it on the spot for a cost of only $26. I'm used to being charged $40 or more just to have someone set foot in our home, only to offer an opinion about how much more it will cost to actually fix the problem. But here $26 covered the house call and the labor for the repair. Well done work, prompt, easy to work with, and inexpensive.

WG&R Furniture was already one of my top recommendations for furniture in the area - and their excellent customer service only confirms that opinion. Thanks, WG&R Furniture!
WGR is a great place. We enjoy walking around their huge floor space and getting all sorts of ideas for decorating our home.
We have always known the importance of customer service and how it can boost customer retention and better word-of-mouth. Like you as a satisfied customer, satisfied customer may help promote business through word-of-mouth.
Their support on returning an item due to poor quality is terrible.
I bought a recliner and when I took it home after waiting more than 3 weeks for it. Wasnt anything like the one in the store, so I returned it. and the representatives acted like i was the first person to ever return anything. So after finally making the return they of course charged 10% restocking fee, they told me that i would have a check in the mail 5-7 days. (even though I paid in full with my debit card). It has now been 3 weeks after returning it and I still have no check. I called customer service and the guy told me that they now have to wait until they "close the books" and could not tell me how long that would take. He also said that it would be even longer because someone in their finance department was on maternity leave. I thought that being northeastern wisconsins largest furniture store would have more than one employee in the finance department. I guess they don't know how to run a GOOD business, terrible customer support, I hate WG&R.
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