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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Appleton Renames College Avenue to Google Avenue! (Temporarily)

The Post-Crescent reports that Appleton's Common Council just voted to rename College Avenue, our main street through beautiful downtown Appleton, to "Google Avenue" to show Google how much we love them. Appleton wants to be one of the next communities to benefit from Google's offer to bring broadband service to selected communities, with speeds roughly 100 times faster than typical.

The Google Avenue name will remain in place through March 26, when our application to Google is due.

If any of you are giving birth in the next week or two, please consider naming your child after Google. I've renamed my neighbor's dog to "Google Adsense." A local salon is offering "Google Wave" perms. And my son's car, which he has long called Lucky, is now "I'm Feeling Lucky."

Even if you can't contribute a child, a pet, or a car to the cause, at least refrain from doing anything that might offend the Google Gods during this critical time. For example, PLEASE DO NOT EAT BING CHERRIES. Don't listen to music by BING Crosby. Don't play with toys that go "Bing!" Don't mess up our chances for being blessed by Google.

Keep you're fingers crossed. We all need to be feeling lucky for this one.
Sorry, not naming my kid google. he will be born in 6 days though!
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