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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Local Computer Expert Performs Inexpensive Non-Destructive Removal of Malware from Computers

Have you ever had your computer held hostage by someone else demanding large sums of money for its return? This can happen when malware like a virus or Trojan horse program snags your computer and demands payment to release your computer (don't pay!). Your computer can also be held hostage again when you take your computer back to a big box store and ask their squad of experts to repair it. One friend I met last week had to pay $400 to a big box store to repair the damage from a virus, and the repair still wasn't complete since the touchpad still wasn't working properly after the attack. That would be another $300, they said. She said forget it and now relies on an external mouse.

Many times the squads of commercial experts out there fix virus problems by simply reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling everything--everything except your data, programs, and custom settings that you may have lost. People are paying big bucks to have their computers wiped out when they just want them wiped clean of the bad stuff. Frustrating!

That's what I was happy today to learn about the work of Appleton's Luke Waldron, a computer expert who can remove malware non-destructively. He has years of experience in doing this and only charges if he's successful, and then only charges a ridiculously small hourly rate. I won't say what it is because I really think he needs to raise it--but you'll be delighted at how much you can save in terms of data, hassle, and cash.

Luke is with and can be reached at luke at Before you let someone wipe out your data and your wallet, talk to Luke.

I have no financial interest in Luke's firm and have not been asked or paid to say this. I've met him before and heard good things about him, but first understood the details of his work when I met him today during an enjoyable networking lunch at the Hong Kong Buffer in Neenah (so good for just $7!). As a public service to those of you burned by viruses and other forms of malware, I want you to know that low-cost high-success alternatives are available.