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Saturday, February 06, 2010


This Is the Time to Think Like an Entrepreneur: The Hot Tub Medic Example

At a "Pinewood Derby" cub scouting event, of all places, I ran into the local entrepreneurs behind Hot Tub Medic ( Illustrating the kind of thinking that can lead to success for other local entrepreneurs, these businessmen told me why they decided to get into this business. With the economy down, people are less likely to spend their money on travel, new cars, or new homes, and more likely to focus on enjoying or improving what they already have. That's where hot tubs come in. Expect them to be used more, maintained more, and upgraded more. Many home owners might be adding hot tubs to upgrade their homes as well. Looking for the opportunities the seismic shifts in the economy might be creating, acquiring the business made sense to them. Coupled with years of experience in the market and a lot of business savvy in other areas also, they may have what it takes to succeed.

I don't have a hot tub and have no financial interest in the business nor financial incentive to mention it. I iike the thinking, like the owners, and like the example of looking for opportunities in whatever situation we are in.

The Appleton area actually has a thriving community of entrepreneurs and innovators, part of why it's an exciting place to live. I even understand that the innovator behind the successful new mobile phone application, Pandora, is here in Appleton. That might be a story for a future post--would love to learn more about that one.