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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A View of Neenah

Downtown Neenah along Wisconsin Avenue by their beautiful public library is a great place for a stroll. The marina is beautiful, and there is a big open area where kids can play or people can stroll. If you're hungry, just cross Commercial Street to the wide range of eateries such as Cannovas, Zacatecas, Cy's Asian Bistro, Hong Kong Buffet, Uncle Ned's Deli, and one of my favorites, Great Harvest Bread.
Great picture, I love Neenah. I grew up in Appleton on the same block as the Lawrence chapel. I moved to Neenah about 15 years ago to be closer to work.
The library and the River Walk area is phenomenal.
As much as I appreciated growing up in the Lawrence area by the river, as an adult I have really come to love all that Neenah has to offer.
In the last 3 years I have quit my normal day job to become a self employed internet marketer. This year I have purchased a netbook and plan on spending some of my spring/summer work days in several of the parks that the Fox Cities have to offer.
Neenah's Doty, Kimberly and high school area(Memorial?) parks are high on the list. Appleton's City Park, Peabody and Pierce parks are also among my favorites.
What a great place to live!
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