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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Delighted by Car-X: Surprising Service

I had a pleasant surprise at the CarX auto service shop in Kimberly this week. While getting an oil change elsewhere, that shop noticed that a brake light was out. They replaced my brake lights, but both burned out immediately, leading them to tell me that I must have an electrical problem that needed immediate attention. Strange. Local shops couldn't take me for a couple of days, so I tried CarX and was able to schedule a visit on the same day. They charge $69 an hour for diagnostic work, which sounded fine. They worked on it for a while and then gave me the news. They told me that they couldn't find an electrical problem and that the new lights they put in were working fine. Wow, that was a relief. I held out my credit card but the man shook his head and said it was no charge. No charge?! Who offers that kind of courtesy for quick and easy fixes these days?

CarX is a good place to consider when you need service in a hurry, for they can often get to work quickly, whereas local shops often require scheduling several days in advance. It's been a while since I've been there, but I think I'll be going back. I've had other work done there with good results. I think I made the assumption that being a national chain made them more expensive than local shops, but that may be erroneous.

Well, I'm a CarX fan. Thanks!