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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Parents, Plan Your Year with the Appleton School District Calendar in Mind

The Appleton School District Calendar is available online. It shows important events that parents need to know, like Spring Break from March 29 to April 2. Wanted to make sure you knew where to find it.

FYI, the Menasha District has their spring break the following week, April 4-9, 2010. The Menasha District Calendar is less convenient, IMO. If you can figure out the online Neenah School District Calendar and see when spring break is, let me know. I don't see it there.
Hi Jeff. Longtime listener, first time caller as they say on the radio... As the owner of the Huntington Learning Center in Appleton, I need to be on top of all of the valley's school recesses. I find many of the websites in this area are tough to navigate. The spring break for Neenah public schools is April 2nd - April 11th. I hope that helps!
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