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Friday, September 14, 2007


La Comida Mas Autentica: Antojitos Mexicanos, A Fabulous Little Restaurant for Inexpensive Dining

A reader with a lot of experience in Mexico recently tipped me off to what some say is the most authentic Mexican food in town: Antojitos Mexicanos (207 N Richmond St., Appleton, WI - phone: 920-380-0244). Located in the former location of Mr. Churro's next to Little Ceaser's on Richmond Street, just north of College Avenue, Antojitos Mexicanos offers inexpensive Mexican food with great flavors. Their tacos, for example, are unlike the tacos found in most Mexican restaurants in the US, but are the perfect double-corn-tortilla open faced treats that I love. Real gorditas, too - greasy but delicious. A highlight of the evening was the fish tostada - an impressively delicious mixture of tender fish and rich flavorings on a crisp tostada. And yes, they have horchata, my favorite Mexican rice drink.

The food is quite inexpensive. You can order gorditas for $2 each, and two might be all you need. Tacos are even less. Three of us had as much as we could eat for $27, including $6 for three horchatas. Not bad!

The tortilla chips are homemade - thus a bit heavy and greasy.

Service is fast and friendly.

The decor and tables are suited for a fast food place, so don't expect fancy - but do expect tasty.

Bienvenido, Antojitos Mexicanos!
This place just keeps getting better. Fernando just added new items to his menu and they are great.

Of course, nothing beats the tacos!
I am a Lawrence student and always looking for more info on Appleton restaurants. Does the restaurant you described here have flan? I love flan and have become an addict of it LOL. I cannot do without
I have never - ever found Jeff's faves to be anything more than the norm. I hate the fact that mormans move and control - destroy local culture. But he is on the mark with a few locals - Koreana(this was my mother in laws local outing for shoping an eating i guess being korean it's granted. Koreana is great.)Sai RAm - praise. don't even bother with the other IT DOES NOT COMPARE GREAT.)Antojitos Mexicanos -Ahhhh... ChicharrĂ³n gordita! need i say more? THE ONLY ---REAL MEXICAN -- in the valley. Jeff has it n target with burgers Mihm's is great but if Jeff wasn't skeerd of booze he'd check out the Wooden Nickle - AWESOME. an smoke free - fer the MORMON in YA. and still ASIAN TASTE is the best in Hmong/Thai.
Anon #3 - dude, why do you have to display your religious bigotry here - on a post about food, of all things? What's your prejudice against Mormons got to do with Mexican food?
Nothing beats the tacos!
it's granted. Koreana is great
Does the restaurant you described here have flan?
I think it has it.
Your menu are always great.
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