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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Fox Valley Mystery Photo Contest

Time for the Fox Valley Mystery Photo Contest, a continuation of our previous Appleton Mystery Photo Contests. There will be about 30 photos over the next few weeks. Here are three entries. The first two are worth two points each, the third just one point. To get the points, be the first to identify the location with clear information (e.g., the backside of John's bakery on Peterson Avenue, or 275 W. Maynard Street, or the bridge on Tayco Street). You can provide the answer to me by email (jeff at jefflindsay dot c0m) or post it here if you identify yourself or use an account with a login name to identify yourself.

Prize: A rare Morgan silver dollar, over 100 years old, plus maybe something more.

Photo C-1:

Photo C-2:

Photo C-3:

I think the middle photo is the student dorm building for Lawrence. It is on the east side of the campus near the river. I belive you are standing looking towards the west, at the east side of the building, but I might be wrong.

jamiedolan at
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