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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Your Thoughts on Richmond Terrace?

Richmond Terrace is a large new complex of condos on Richmond Street, just a block or so north of College Avenue. Someone moving to Appleton wants to know if it's a good place to live. Any of you have experience with the place? My concerns is the lack of greenery around the complex and the placement of a big section of the condos immediately next to busy Richmond Street, and the proximity of a railroad track where trains cross regularly, including late at night and early in the morning, I believe. But maybe it's fine. Comments?
Jeff -- the Appleton Post-Crescent recently had an article about delinquent taxes, and I think Richmond Terrace has one of the biggest unpaid bills in the county. Also, the developer appears to have had financial problems, per a quick web search. Not sure how that affects the quality of living there, but it would pay to do some research before committing money to the facility. -- Bob Waldron
My understanding is the rates/costs of the units there are exorbitant.

Also, Downtown Appleton is still quickly accessible from out of town and that is the key. I do not have to live DT Appleton to be able to visit DT Appleton frequently. I can pay the costs of one of those units, have quick access to downtown ATW, and still have my 1.5 acre place out in the country (a work in progress).

Richmond Terrace is a horrific eye-sore in downtown Appleton. It's huge size is so out of place with what Appleton used to be (and still is in most places). It resembles a State Penitentiary more than anything else.

Tiny little windows and patios the size of broom closets assuming your place even has a patio. All - not most, ALL - the retail space in the first floor is unrented (and in my opinion, unrentable) so that they windows are covered with garish FOR LEASE signs. And most of the places that they were lucky enough to sell currently have pathetic little "FOR SALE" signs on the windows....obviously, the owners want out, after realizing their disastrous mistake.

Whoever had the idea of building this condo beehive and whoever designed it ought to be drummed out of town.

I've looked at their website. They give no indication at all of what they units might go for. I'm very suspicious of sellers of anything who don't give the prices of their merchandise. Why the big secret?

I'd buy a unit there in a flash.....if they accept my offer of about 80% off the asking price. The place is bound to go bankrupt and be taken over by a bank or whoever. Ugh.
I have done a lot of research into this developement recently and have discovered that it is a great deal and if you enjoy that type of community it would be perfect and really priced right. The problem I have seen is when the original developer created it I don't beleave they understood how to finance a project to the Indeviduals who were purchasing the units and got into a bind to say the least. The new management and agents on site really are motivated and care about what they are doing. I am in the process of helping them build a financing package that will help enhance the allocation of the units to people who are fiscally responcible. If you would like more information send me an e-mail at
My brother moved there in November 2008 and loves it! He rents and it's somewhat pricey, but all utilities except electric are included. Plus undergroud parking, storage, and exercise facility with pool and whirlpool. You have 24 hour maintenance and a great property manager. Plus they're pet friendly. I'm planning to move there sometime in 2009. If you're looking to buy, prices are posted at It's a mix of yuppies, retired and blue collar. It's simply a wonderful place and I recommend it to anyone who loves the downtown lifestyle.
Hey Anonymous that's planning on moving there in 2009...I bet you work for the owner's of the place....It's a white elephant!!
and a real eye-ssore!
I've lived at Richmond Terrace (RT) for over a year now, and while it's a little pricey the place is virtually sound-proofed between the units and I like the community here. Pool and fitness center are great and you just can't beat heated underground parking! The trains come through really slow and not too often; many of the trains use their horn very sparingly except for one jerk face... but I'd say I'm mildly annoyed by a train maybe once or twice a week and it's always the same A-hole. Sleeping with my windows open is definitely out of the question though. ): I would like a house, but then there's the mowing and shoveling of snow, which I hate... lot's of snow here! As Appleton develops more, RT will fit in better for sure... especially if they re-paint the building some other color. If I were purchasing, I'd get one of the 5th Floor units facing West (towards downtown). The view is really nice actually, and you are up high enough that you can leave your shades open.
i have recently been through richmond terrace and was very impressed. I have read some comments about how it is a huge, negative building, but what i saw was quite different. I see nothing wrong with a large, care-free, luxurious style of living. Take a look at any successful city in the US, all have condo complexs such as this one. What i want to know, along wth any owners in that building currently, what has been going on in the last year to cause such a drop in value. is it simply liquidation to get the units finished and sold. i want to know how people feel on the values of these condos. bad management/financial situations in the past are not going to scare me away if there is new successful management. It is pricy to have the amenities, but a good percentage of up and coming professionals will pay for that kind of living, myself being one of them. I think there is a ton of potential...please comment with any new info on this building
I recently purchased a unit - from what I gathered the prices on them have dropped dramatically in the past year or so in order to get them to sell. From everything I've found out it seems like the original developers didn't do a very good job but the new management is turning the corner with a lot of recent sales. It seems like a great place to live with the location and condition of the building, now the big question I have is will any of the stores ever get utilized? What kind of places would be interested in a space like that? If they don't get leased they could always put some racquetball courts or something like that in for the owners, that would be fun
I lived there for a year. I became suicidal after living there, true story. Two gay guys manage it. If your into that life style, you'll like it. Saw a brown stained condom floating in the hot tub. There is a gay va shrink that lives there also. Really messed up when the government hires gay shrinks to objectively treat ex combat veterans. What a country! Eisenhower is turning over in his grave giving america an a$$ salute as he predicted this worst case scenario...

America advancing? Hardly. Engineered equality, lgt is normal health, screwing the back bone of what made this country what it is, the blue collar man.....

Initiate reagans "star wars" to reduce/control a population that will become disenfranchised.

Where is my job in all of this CIA? Not hard to figure out.....
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