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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Fox River Views

Here are a few shots from the south shore of the Fox River during an April 29 walk along the trail between the College Avenue bridge (near the Banta Bowl) and Lawe Street. The last two photos show some of the wild life: a male red-winged blackbird on a power line, and a shy woodchuck (taken from far away with my 10x zoom).

Picture #2 in the sequence is a hot shot. LINES, lines, and more lines!

The last two are not that great, both especially the last one are cluttered. The lines that serve you so well in the second shot destroy the red-wing blackbird shot.

Photo one is not bad, but I feel it would have been better if you had exposed off the bridge rather than the sun. But of course, if you had one that then a significant portion of the photo would have been washed out. Better yet would have been to wait until later.

I am not certain what the critter in last shot is, I am on my third critter, first I thought owl, then squirrel, now I am on racoon.
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