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Monday, April 16, 2007


Don't Sell Your Silver Cheaply!

A full-page ad in today's Post-Crescent announces the brief visit of a jewelry company in Appleton to buy up items such as silver coins. A big headline proclaims that they are going to pay 600% of the face of silver coins minted before 1964. That sounds great - if you don't know anything about the silver market. A 90% silver coin (like all US silver coins from 1964 and before) has silver that is worth 10 times (1000%) the face value, apart from any numismatic value the coin may have due to its rarity and condition. Coins like silver dollars go for even more. Please don't throw away your valuable silver coins for a mere 600% over face value. You should be able to get closer to 900% or better. And you should hold out for at least $12 for a silver dollar (and often much higher). Let me know if you'd like some tips on where to find buyers.
Great advice as always. I have been a lurker on your page for quite some time. Just wanted to say that I appreciate all of the time you put into this.
Thanks, Andy! I added you blog to my local blogroll. Let me know if there are others I should include. Nice blog there.
I would like some tips on selling some silver coins that are from 1965 or earlier. Mostly Quarters but have some half dollars. Any tips on someone honest in the Fox Valley area?
Affordable Rare Coins on Northland could be a good place. How many do you have? Feel free to give me a call - I know some people that might be interested in offering a slightly better price than dealers might give.

Ebay can also be a good place to sell, if you know what you're doing and have the time and patience to do it.
Hello. I have 6 antique silver pieces (4 platters and 2 dishes) from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Some of the makers were Friedman Silver Co., W.M. Rodgers (1860), and F.B. Rodgers (1883). The other 3 pieces I cannot find info on the markings. I would like to get some money for these, but am not sure where I should take them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Justin Miller.
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