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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Several Updates on Restaurants

A mysterious Fox Valley resident, whose name and affiliation I will reveal if permission is granted, has sent me a helpful update on local restaurants. I've used it to revise some outdated info on my page about Dining in Appleton. Many thanks!

Here is the update:
Mister Churro's and Fusion have both just closed (both of which were great!) -- see story.

Jonathan's Italian Bistro in Appleton is no longer owned by the Supples (although the Jonathan's in Fond du Lac is). Unfortunately I can't find a link for this, but know I read about it several months ago (and the Appleton location doesn't show up on the Supple site).

La Fiesta recently moved to a new location in Menasha: see Post-Crescent story.

Lemon Grass is now owned by the same owners as The Seasons and is called "Lemon Grass -- An Asian Bistro": see

Mongo's is closed: see BuilderOnline story.

Cub Foods isn't around the Fox Cities anymore, although Festival Rainbow Foods is going to take their place on Northland in addition to their new store in the Kimberly area.

The Frozen Tundra Bar and Grill is closed, with Gyros Kabob taking their location and closing their previous hole-in-the-wall location in Soldiers Square: see
Update: The help came from Chad Leder in the Marketing Department of Schenck Business Solutions, which is the 35th largest accounting firm in the country and is headquartered in Appleton. Thanks, Chad! And I'll mention Schenck on my main Appleton page as well.
I think you mean Festival Foods is taking over the old Cub building. I don't know if there's an association between Rainbow Foods and Festival but the new store will be a Festival Foods branded store like the one on Van Roy Road in Buchanan.
I like the idea of a West side Festival. Great seafood department, I would at times drive to Green Bay just for that dept. Now, I drive to the East side for that and their produce section. We do most of our shopping at Woodmans but their produce department is not the best, seems their produce is second or third quality at least as far as aesthetics go.

On the closing of Fusion. I ate there once and liked it (did not review), but how many upscale haute cuisine restaurants can the area support? If the PAC folds than so do all but one of the others close too.

New owners at Lemon Grass. I may go back sometime. I thought the food so-so, expensive, and to add insult they slapped a 18% tip on the bill.
Has anyone heard of the Wild Truffle Pizzaria?
Johnathan's Italian Bistro is now under new ownership and management and it's a must see! They are using local produce and organic foods. They also offer whole wheat pasta and vegetarian options. The bar has happy hour 4-6 Monday thru Friday and special priced bar appetizers. Thursday night is ladies night with 1/2 priced martinis and 3 course meals for only $17! Appleton's newest hotspot, you must try it...they have really made some great changes!
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