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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Granite, Anyone? One Option Is Darboy Stone and Brick

A lot of people in Appleton are adding granite or other stone to their homes, especially granite in the kitchen. If you're interested, there are several good suppliers in the area. We went with Darboy Stone and Brick and were quite impressed with their service, their excellent selection, and their prices. They seemed to have the largest selection of granite to choose from and an impressive shop for fabricating the stone to your specifications. Installation was rapid and well done. We went with Uba Tuba, a dark granite with a coarse grain and beautiful shine.
Darboy Stone and Brick has clearly carved a place for themselves in the Fox Cities. I have heard many, many people say that they are the only place to go. We went there and have been thrilled. For our money, Darboy Stone and Brick is the only Place to go.
Marble enhances the beauty of your interiors and with natural ageing it becomes more attractive. It is easy to care for with minimal maintenance.
Thank you for considering Darboy Stone and Brick for your granite surface needs. We understand you have many alternatives when considering granite surfaces. We also understand you are considering a significant investment and you want the result to be absolutely perfect.
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