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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Update on Photography: and Will Croff

On my Appleton Consumer's Guide, I have some recommendations about where to get photos developed. Now I have an important update: if you use a digital camera, a helpful online resource to consider is, offered by a local Appleton resident that I know. I've seen a beautiful large framed photo produced through that service and will try it out myself. Amazingly, they can do 4 x 6 prints at a significantly lower price than even Wal-Mart offers.

Interested in hiring a professional photographer? Appleton has some fine photographers and great studios. One pro that I know well is Will Croff of Will Croff Photography, LLC. His professional emphasis is on commercial photography (e.g., food photography). You have almost certainly seen some of his marvelous work with flowers on the beautiful boxes of a world-famous tissue product - I just love what he achieves with flowers. But he also does people and other topics. He can be reached at w_croff at, or call him at 920-739-9123. Will also does great work with animals, as shown on his other Website, Be sure to tell him that Jeff sent you!