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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Music for Youth in Appleton

One of my favorite things about Appleton is the rich selection of musical opportunities for young people. Last Sunday, for example, both of my sons had the privilege of performing in the Fox Valley Youth Symphony at Lawrence University (one son is shown above while playing the cello in the event). There are many fine groups and instructors to choose from, and strong support in the schools. The strong music program at Lawrence University is certainly a major factor in creating this culturally rich environment.

Tomorrow night (Sunday, March 12), the Wisconsin Honors Band for middle school students will perform at Lawrence Chapel at 7:00 PM. Should be another great program.
I agree, it is great that there are so many opportunities for people to get invovled in music. I have been playing the trumpet since I was in 6th grade and I love it. The sad thing is when schools consider cutting the music program, or any fine arts program for that matter. Why don't they ever consider sports? Don't get me wrong, I love sports and have always been invovled in them. But when we are old and gray, will we be playing basektball or an instrument? I'd have to say it's more likely that an older person would turn to music more often than sports for a leisure activity.
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