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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Appleton's Best Chili?

At church we had a chili dinner recently that I was in charge of. Lots of fun. A friend and I cooked up a couple different batches, and other Wisconsinites generated their own amazing mixtures. All this leads to a profound question for those who care about the important things in life: Who has the best chili in town?

A number of restaurants serve chili, but I'm still searching for the best. At the moment I think it may be Atlanta Bread Company. Or could it be Mary's or the Copper Rock? The cafeteria at Kimberly-Clark Corporation often has some great Wisconsin-style chili, served occasionally, but that's just for employees.

I did have two disappointing chili experiences recently that I need to report. The first involved Quiznos. While I love their sandwiches, their new steak and chili in a breadbowl has chunks of strange rubbery material that I could barely eat, but the manager there assured me that it was real beef of some kind that had been cut up and placed in the chili. Puzzling. Even apart from the disappointing "steak," the chili wasn't flavorful and the bread bowl itself was small and disappointing compared to Atlanta Bread's version of the same, though they both have about the same price.

The other chili disappointment was a new place, Roly-Poly on the north side of town. I like their wraps, but their chili tasted like it came out of a can of low-cost greasy chili. Not for me.

I'd like your opinions. Who has the best chili in town?
Hmmm... Although I love chili, I don't have a lot of experience with chili joints in Appleton. I've never tried Mary's or Copper Rock, but I do enjoy Chili Pepper's for lunch now and again.
Atlanta Bread has excellent chilli. Too bad we don't have a Skyline Chilli here ...
Sunrise Family Restaurant almost across the street from Mary's on Richmond street serves some awesome Chili, they also have actual chicken in their Chicken Soup, not the like the Fox Cities Golden Fork award winner from the last few years. lol
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