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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Spring Is in the Air (Not the Water)

Songbirds have returned to Appleton. On Sunday, March 12, I noted that our beautiful red-winged blackbirds were beginning to trickle back to Appleton. These are among my favorite birds. They are territorial and work together to drive off larger predators like hawks and crows, often dive bombing or poking at their opponents as they flee.

Today I noted the songs of additional birds. Spring is about to erupt!

But it's still cold here. In fact, the past couple of days we had some strong winds and low temperatures, resulting in some unusual ice formations near the water. Here are some shots from the 9th Street Boat Ramp in Menasha, looking out over Little Lake Butte des Morts (taken March 15, 2006). (Click to enlarge.)