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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Far East Korean and Japanese Restaurant: Awesome Sushi

The Far East Restaurant on south Oneida Street in Appleton, near St. Elizabeth's hospital, is one I've stubbornly avoided for years. I had a bad experience with the previous restaurant in that building, and unfairly kept that mental image as a barrier. But after hearing several people tell me how good the sushi was, I decided it was time to ignore an irrelevant past and give it a try. Good idea! The Far East Restaurant offers some of the finest sushi in the Fox Valley, in my opinion. The unagi - fresh water eel - was the best I've had, done perfectly and beautifully with a delightful sauce. The combination plate of sushi and sashimi was truly a pleasant surprise, with remarkably rich and tender fish and wonderful sushi rice. The tuna and salmon were rich and full in flavor, and the squid was some of the best I've had, tender and more flavorful than usual. So much was a pleasant surprise.

For three people, the cost, including tax and tip, was $72. That included two extra appetizers and four sushi orders in addition to the combination plate, which was priced at $38. (No drinks were ordered.) Everything is a la carte. Given that the Fuji Sushi buffer is $12 a person for dinner or $10 for lunch, as I recall, the Far East Restaurant might be viewed as on the pricey side, but if you're looking for great sushi, this should be on your list.

Ambience is pleasant and a bit dark. Quiet, comfortable. Excellent service. No complaints.

Far East Korean and Japanese: 1330 South Oneida Street, Appleton, WI 54915. Phone:
(920) 830-9810.

Be sure to try the unagi!
Definitely a 4-5 stars for this place.. i recently tried a place in milwaukee, which was more expensive and less of a serving size, I was dissappointed.. from my experience there is no sushi place like far east.
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