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Friday, June 08, 2007


Taxes and the Valley Transit System:

Over at (an outstanding blog on politics and government in the Fox Valley), Jo Egelhoff explains what's happening with Valley Transit. With the loss of Federal funds, they have to look for new ways to maintain their business. A logical route is to work with the State to become a regional authority with State assistance - meaning some of your property taxes would be used. Jo points out the potential trouble: politicians can use that as a painless way to increase taxes and tap into more of your money. Interesting dilemma.

We do have a pretty good bus system in Appleton, but the buses are largely empty. Maybe when gas gets to $20 a gallon that will change?
Routes, routes, routes.

My wife rides the VTA when I am away & she is unable to get a ride from a colleague. She gets off at 2:30 pm and has to wait to 3:00pm for a ride and then its another 30 minutes to 3/4 hour before she is home. Then she has to cross West College by Van Vreedes.

Otherwise she is home by 3:00pm or sooner.

The bus is not going to be an option when our house gets built out by Medina.
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