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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Appleton's Flag Day Parade: The Nation's Biggest!

With nearly 200 floats and groups, the Flag Day Parade in Appleton is said to be the nation's longest Flag Day Parade. I love our Flag Day Parades, but I will admit that they are awfully long! But they are interesting throughout the lengthy time span, and represent an impressive amount of work on the part of organizers and participants. Here are some photos from our June 9 annual Flag Day Parade.

My son Mark having a banner day with Appleton East High School's Patriots - in the best uniforms for Flag Day, too!

A float from the Borthertown Indian Tribe.

A veteran from the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin.

Former Mayor DeBroux and his wife, Jean. Appleton's legacy of honorable and effective mayors is one of many things we can be proud of in this community.

Current Appleton Mayor Timothy Hanna - an outstanding leader that has done a wonderful job in steering Appleton forward. Former Mayor Dorothy Johnson is on the right - another of my favorite people and an ongoing force for good in the community.

Representative Al Ott from the Wisconsin Legislature. A popular leader from the area.

My son Stephen and my granddaughter.