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Monday, June 01, 2015


Wild Adriatic Reminds Us of What a Great Community Appleton Is

A cool story from the Post-Crescent deals with the rock band Wild Adriatic. This band from New York (I love their name, by the way!) came to town for Appleton's terrific Mile of Music, fell in love with Appleton, and chose to hang out here for a while longer. Shayne Nyman reports in "Wild Adriatic Happy to Return to Appleton" from May 15, 2015:

How the OuterEdge Stage in downtown Appleton wound up becoming the temporary workspace for New York-based rock band Wild Adriatic this week came down to a pretty simple formula.
"If the town likes us, we like the town."
That's how drummer Mateo Vosganian put it, aptly describing how his band went from visiting Appleton for the first time in August for Mile of Music to returning not strictly for another gig (though there is one on Wednesday) but, instead, for a little down time.
Wild Adriatic, a soul- and blues-heavy rock trio from Saratoga Springs, New York, were in town last year for Mile 2. The city and its people made such an impression that they've worked a three-day visit to Appleton into their tour plans between shows in Michigan and Illinois.
"We had such a crazy great time. We were kind of blown away that such a cool festival could exist in a town we hadn't heard of before," Vosganian said.

Hope all of you visitors are having a crazy time in Appleton, too, and plan on staying longer than expected. 


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