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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some "Typical" Homes in Appleton and the Fox Valley

Here are some photos of homes from around the Fox Valley that I took a couple years ago just to show people what living looks like in the Valley. Most are from Appleton. This area is a peaceful, beautiful place to live, even in winter with snow and cold untempered by hopes of global warming. Maybe someday that tempering will come. For now, chill. 

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I live in Appleton and wouldn't necessarily consider these to be 'typical' homes in Appleton. These are very nice homes. Most homes are not as elaborate.
Considering moving to Appleton (living in AZ, originally from Chicago and lived in Wausau and Madison (college). Know realtor who would be open to telling me what we can get for what we hope to spend. Saw tons on but need true perspective.
My wife and I moved to the Fox Valley from Illinois, 18 months ago. We love the people, the lifestyle, so many wonderful benefits to living here. HOWEVER, we are battling to find some fundamentally adequate services here, from auto-maintenance to medical care.

My wife has a degenerative connective-tissue disorder, which is relatively rare. I'm not surprised that we have had to "teach" her doctors here about her condition, motivating them to do their own research regarding the condition. However we have hit dead-ends several times here, where the corrective actions that we KNOW are necessary are not being addressed. Currently she is looking at ankle-surgery, for the second time (she has had a dozen orthopedic surgeries before). The surgeon she is currently seeing has yet to even suggest an arthroscopic procedure, which we learned from her last surgeon, is the only way to fully assess what is wrong, and what corrective action needs to be taken.

We feel like we are lost here, much like our car, which we have taken to TWO different repair shops, FOUR times, and $2,000 later the problems have not been corrected, and even the "Check Engine" light is still on.

We are frustrated to the point where we are considering moving back to the Chicago metro area, out of necessity, not because we miss the lifestyle there in any way.

Are there any other transplants here in the Valley, who have navigated through the same adjustment pains? Any advice, suggestions or guidance would be so greatly appreciated. We don't want to leave here, but we are running out of choices.
I've seen homes like this in the Wausau area where I live & love the look of most of these!! I was born there but love it so much that I would suggest that people move here!
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