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Monday, December 24, 2012


El Jaripeo in Little Chute: Great Mexican Food

Based on positive reviews from readers, I trekked out to Little Chute while in town over the Christmas holidays and took some family members to enjoy lunch at El Jaripeo. Very good Mexican food, with rapid service and little waiting for food to arrive. The food in general seems to be a little less spicy than typical, perhaps to accommodate Wisconsin tastes, but flavor is good and costs are low. I enjoyed Los Cavos, a seafood dish with nicely grilled, tender tilapia topped with sauce and roasted shrimp, large and tender, for $10.99. Others enjoyed less expensive lunch specials or combination plates, or the excellent children's menu.

They serve horchata, a favorite rice drink of mine, and it was good. Many places don't serve this basic Mexican drink at all, s I really appreciate the ones that do offer it.

The chips and salsa are good. We had a very mild but fresh basic salsa, an excellent bean dip with melted cheese on top, and two additional salsas that were more fiery. Really nice mix.

Setting is nothing special but it's comfortable and clean.

Overall, good food, good prices and very good service. Located on Highway 96 (Main Street) on the outskirts of Little Chute.
Good food! And try the new one in Greenville! W6482 Greenville Dr (Hwy 15) Greenville, WI 54942

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