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Friday, March 30, 2012


The Hmong People of Wisconsin

The tragedy of the Hmong people and the dramatic events that brought thousands of them to Wisconsin is a story that deserves to be studied and told frequently. Unfortunately, few people know it, and even many of the rising generation of Hmong people aren't familiar with some of the most important details.

Here are some of my photos from friends and acquaintances in Wisconsin. The Hmong people are a brave and kind people who make Wisconsin a better community.


I like how they turned into gangsters. what a shame out of everything in the world you could be you become a wannabe ganster. LOL
I don't understand your comment? Who turned into gangsters? Are you implying people in the pictures did or the Hmong people?
Hey this is now the future and it will change... Now these days Hmong kids are wearing skinny jeans with converse/Tae Yang korean styled... At least The New generation is going away from the Gangster style..
These pictures are close to a decade old. Back then, baggy clothes was the style. I actually know quite a few of the guys and girls in the photos. Most of them went off to become college graduates.
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