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Sunday, November 27, 2011


How Do I Explain This to the Folks in China: Tens of Thousands at the Christmas Parade?

I've heard the news about the massive turnout at this year's Christmas Parade, with estimates of around 50,000 participants braving cold weather to watch floats and bands. I'm wondering how I can explain this phenomenon to my friends here in China. They don't seem to have parades here, at least not in Shanghai. Christmas isn't a big tradition either, though it's catching on with merchants. And here in the warm south, where people complain about bitter winter cold that we call early summer in Wisconsin, the idea of standing in the cold for hours to watch something like our parades is truly a foreign concept. Frankly, I'm starting to forget why I enjoyed the parades so much--but I'm sure it will come back to me when I return.

How do I explain to people on the other side of the world what this remarkable Appleton tradition is all about?

Plus, recognizing that the attendance at the parade represents a crowd almost equal to the population of Appleton itself, well, that's pretty impressive.


You don't have to explain. Invite a bunch of them to come here and participate. Then they'll go home and explain for you!
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