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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Things I Miss About Appleton

Now that we've moved out of Appleton in the Appleton of the Far East, Shanghai, there are a few things I really miss about Appleton, even though I really love Shanghai. The peacefulness and safety of the town is really remarkable. It's so clean with such safe and polite drivers. The air quality and water quality are wonderful--something one can't take for granted in most parts of the world. The abundant musical performances, often free or very inexpensive, reflect a heritage rich in the fine arts and in public sharing of talents. The city offers so many well-organized events such as the farmers' market, numerous parades, arts events, etc.

Appleton's residents are a friendly, happy mix for the most part, with a great "can do" attitude reflecting independence, self-reliance, and a desire to constantly make things better. Appletonians are increasingly diverse and sometimes very vocal about their differing views, but know how to tolerate differences and get along while disagreeing.

Appleton has the virtues one expects from a small Midwestern town with some of the excitement of urban life. Shanghai is overflowing with urban excitement while having a population that is generally friendly, respectful, and honest, making it one of the best large cities to live in. But Appleton has so much to offer as well. If the secret gets out, we might see more Shanghaiese heading to Appleton versus the other way around, but that secret might be hard to translate into Chinese.

Appleton, don't change too much while I'm gone. Hope to see you again in a year or two.