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Friday, June 24, 2011


That Small Town Appleton Guy Now Lives in Shanghai: Introducing a New Voice for the Appleton Blog

I (Jeff Lindsay) have been doing the Appleton Blog for about five years now, and have been doing web pages about the Appleton experience since 1994. After nearly 20 years of living in and loving the world's best small town, Appleton, a dramatic change has come into my life. Now I'm in the world best large town--in fact, the world's largest city proper (population of the official city limits excluding suburbs): Shanghai. My last day of work in the Fox Valley was Friday, June 10, and the next morning I was on a plane to Shanghai, where I began work on Monday, June 12. I've accepted a big opportunity to guide intellectual property at a large global company based in China but expanding toward the west, and will be in Shanghai for 1-2 years before returning to the US to help create some jobs in the States.

Walter Reade, a longtime Fox Valley enthusiast, will be taking over this blog, but adding a broader Fox Valley twist. He's a great friend and has sharp insights and lots of great tips, so I hope you'll be back.

Meanwhile, if you come to Shanghai, let me know. We'd love to meet some fellow Fox Valley fans.

My wife and I just moved into a great place with a stunning view. Such a beautiful skyline! Such an amazing place. It's a lot like Appleton, but with a little less snow, a few dozen million more people, and a somewhat different accent. Probably about the same number of Packers fans!

A big adjustment for a small town guy, but I love it. I love the chaos and bustle, the excitement and charm, the thousands of new faces each day and all the adventures on every street.
Good luck to you Jeff. Have enjoyed your Appleton blog over the years!
Well, nice. My sister is moving to Shanghai this summer, after living in Japan for more than 20 years.

Have fun, Jeff, and hope to see you again in a couple years. We will miss you at the Art in the Park and Oktoberfest. Yum.
I'm not a regular reader of yours but found your writing so helpful when we first moved here to Appleton. What a drastic change in city-living you have now made! Wishing you and your wife the very best of times over there and eagerly awaiting your return. Oh, yes, you will return! We all do--it took me 34 years to get back, ha ha.
Oh my! U wish you luck buddy!

new brunswick
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