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Saturday, May 07, 2011


Make Mi Casa Su Casa: Great Mexican Restaurant in Menasha

After driving by it many times, I finally tried the Mexican restaurant in downtown Menasha, Mi Casa on 14 Tayco Street, near the intersection with Main Street. Wow! The pleasant decor and friendly service raised my expectations right away, and they were met and exceeded with the food. My first time there I had their famous fish tacos, one of my favorite Mexican meals. It's easy to make fish tacos bland or to overcook the fish, but at Mi Casa the fish was perfect and the tacos were flavorful and delicious. The corn tortillas were prepared just right, at least for my tastes. I was also delighted to have horchata, the Mexican rice drink that I love. Most Mexican restaurants in the Valley don't offer horchata, and some that do just use a mass-produced powder mix instead of making it themselves. Mi Casa's horchata is homemade and delicious.

My second time there I made a stunning discovery: they offer Oaxaca-style tamales, an unusual tamale steamed inside banana leaves with a completely different texture and intriguing flavor. I've been searching for that kind of tamale since I encountered them in southern Mexico in 2009 during an innovation-related business trip in Veracruz State. The search is over! I'll be back for sure. These were absolutely delicious.

The chef is actually from Veracruz State in Mexico, a southern area on the Atlantic coast that is famed for its great seafood and flavorful dishes. It's close to Oaxaca, which may explain the Oaxacan influence. I love both Veracruz- and Oaxaca-style food.

The chips and salsa are OK, but they don't include the bean dip that is popular in many local Mexican restaurants. I miss the bean dip, but their homemade tortilla chips are among the best in the Valley.

Give Mi Casa a try and tell them that a tall crazy gringo sent you. They'll know who you mean.

Mi Casa: 14 Tayco Street, Menasha, WI 54952. Phone: (920) 720-3600.

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Nice. We will definitely give it a try soon.

Yesterday we went to a new Mexican restaurant - Larita - yesterday in Appleton. Their bean dip and guacamole dip are REALLY good. One dish that surprised us the most was the Carne Asade fries (french fries topped with steak, cheese and guacamole). Boy, that was really good.

You will remember Larita since their tent is always tucked in the back of the art center at the farmer's market. Delicious food.
We tried Mi Casa today. We concur, it is better than Solea and Zacatecas, which were the top 2 in the Appleton Post Crescent recently.
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