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Friday, March 18, 2011


Appleton Becoming More Diverse

The Mayor's Office of Appleton has released their Diversity Breakdown for Appleton. Actually, there isn't a breakdown at all: Appleton is making strong progress in diversity. Minority populations now account for 15% of Appleton. compared to 2% in 1980, 4% in 1990, and 9% in 1990, based on census data.

In 2010, Appleton's population of 72,623 people had 5.9% from Asian and the Pacific Islands (dominated by our Hmong population from southeast Asia), 5% Hispanic/Latino, 1.6% African or African American, and 1.7% representing two or more races.

Much of the Hispanic population comes from Mexico. Interestingly, one state in Mexico seems to be very highly represented: Guanjuato. I base this just on my personal experiences: so many Spanish-speakers that I meet in the area say they are from there. I've also got a lot of friends with roots in the beautiful city of Puebla, Mexico, famous for its many churches and church festivals.

I'm allegedly part Mohawk, just a minuscule fraction, though one of my Oneida Indian friends says he can see it in my face and the way I walk. Is he just flattering me? The Oneida Indian Tribe of Wisconsin is the major source of Native American roots in this area, though a variety of tribes are represented.

I think Appleton has become much more comfortable with diversity in the past decade or two. May that continue. It really is a fabulous place to live, one where I hope people from all cultures and races will feel welcome and warmly greeted, no matter how cold it may get some days.
Nice to see Appleton becoming more diverse. Now if we could only add some diversity to the weather in winter.
Very good information. Thanks for sharing.

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