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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Another Winner for the Appleton Mystery Photo Contest - and New Photos for a New Contest

She did it again! Eveyln Li got the highest number of right answers to the last Appleton Mystery Photo Contest. Evelyn wins a coupon for a free pizza at my sponsor, Glass Nickel Pizza of Appleton. Mmmm!

Photo #7 from the last contest was not identified, though, and I'll keep it for this contest. Here are eight new photos for this week. This contest will end on Black Friday, Nov. 26, at 5 PM. First one to name them all or the one who gets the most correct wins. Good luck! (Note: two of the photos are from Menasha.)

I find out what the glass window (#2) was while attending an event this afternoon. You are tricky, Jeff. ;-)
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