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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Another Appleton / Fox Valley Mystery Photo™ Contest, Week Two

It's time for another Appleton Mystery Photo™ Contest! This contest ends Friday, Nov. 5 at midnight. Person with the most correct answers wins, or, if there is a tie, the earliest submission wins. That means if you can tell me the location of all 10 photos--oops, I've got 11 this week--, you win instantly. Not easy, though. Actually, this round should be called the Fox Valley Mystery Photo™ Contest since a few of the photos are from the Fox Valley (hint: Neenah and Menasha). Some are very easy, but others are quite difficult. Winner gets a coupon from our sponsor, Glass Nickel Pizza, for a free 14-inch large pizza (specialty pizza or up to four toppings), a value of up to $17.70. (You're still responsible for tax and tip.) Glass Nickel is also one of the most aesthetically interesting restaurants in the Valley because of the photography on their walls from, uh, yours truly. Yes, the 11 x 14 or 8 x 10 photos displayed there can be purchased. Other sizes are available.

A couple of notes and hints: One of the photos is of one of my sons at a site that some people like for Neenah prom photos. Three of the photos were taken indoors in places where the public is welcome. I did not have to pay any kind of entrance fee to go there to take these photos, but for at least one of the indoor places, there are events held there that may require a ticket sometimes. For the one showing a dock, to get full credit, tell me how to reach the place where I stood. That means giving an approximate street address, or the name of the apartment complex nearby--don't just say "on the shore of Little Lake Butte des Morts." For onbne of the photos, you might be tempted to name a place that is actually very large, spanning many acres. That's not good enough. To get full credit, give enough detail that someone could go there and take the same photo without having to wander around like a professional voter fraud practitioner who got lost en route to their fifth voting booth of the day. Oh, one more suggestion for this round: click to enlarge.

Good luck!

Mystery Photos, Set B. Deadline: Midnight Friday, Nov. 5, 2010.

Background: Week 1 photos and introduction, also answers for Week 1.
Fun stuff! Is the pizza good?
Yes, it's worth winning. Glass Nickel pizza is terrific. Love the crust.
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