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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Parents, Protect Your Children from This Dangerous Book! Protestors Needed ASAP - Attention Post-Crescent!

The big headline story on the front page of this morning's Post-Crescent newspaper is "'Coming of Age' Book Challenged in Appleton." The story features a nice color photo of the book The Body of Christopher Creed. It's supposedly a dark book and some parents may feel it's not appropriate for use in middle school, hence an objection by a parent and a front-page story. We can learn two important lessons from this:

1. There isn't any news about the Packers right now that would make people want to buy a newspaper.

2. A single concerned parent objecting to a book can result in front-page publicity for that book.

With Lesson #2 in mind, I need to alert Appleton parents about an even darker, more objectionable book that is even more inappropriate for use in middle school. It's Conquering Innovation Fatigue: Overcoming the Barriers to Personal and Corporate Success (John Wiley & Sons, 2009). Please, dear readers, would one of you help save the children by launching a protest about this book? No, it's not currently being used in the schools, but what kind of parent would sit back and what for that threat to occur before defending our children? NOW is the time to act and let the world know that we won't stand for this kind of garbage messing with the minds of our children. Kids exposed to this book could very well turn our to become social misfits such as inventors or entrepreneurs instead of going into sports. Let's work together to ban it now! Why do I care so much? Hey, it's all about the children.

If you're not in Appleton, no matter. This is a book that should be objected to across the nation, especially where local sports teams aren't doing well. Make sure you contact your local media to explain why this book is so inappropriate. Watch the comments below for good ideas on how to object and why.

Care to join the fray? Just let me know your reason for banning this book. The person with the best reason will win a free copy of, uh, Conquering Innovation Fatigue. Deadline for submitting your reasons is midnight, Oct. 31. Post them here or send me email: jeff at

Reason #1: This controversial says virtually NOTHING against illegal drugs or drunk driving. Any parent concerned about these things would do well to object to this book. Be sure to buy several copies to show to television crews. Yes, you can burn the book in effigy, too - that keeps copies from being resold as cheap used books.
Reason #2: It doesn't promote safe sex.
This book (implicitly) slams Carly Fiorina for her failed innovation program at HP, making this a dangerous tool for the radical left. Help!
Are you saying that we should ban Conquering Innovation Fatigue? Sir, your article makes no sense.What is wrong with being an inventor? Are you reading this on your iPhone right now?
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