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Thursday, October 28, 2010


A Winner Has Identified All 10 Appleton Mystery Photos for This Week's Contest: Congratulations, Evelyn Li!

This week's Appleton Mystery Photo Contest has come to an end thanks to the outstanding photo detective work of Appleton resident Evelyn Li, who has managed to correctly identify all 10 of our mystery photos for the week.That's her standing on the stairs that were one of the more difficult photos to identify. The most difficult, though, was #2, the "Y" that many people assumed was part of the YMCA. She was the only contestant to identify that correctly.

Here are the winning answers:
1. The Fire - by College and the Durkee Street - always see photographers there shooting senior photos.

2. The Y can be found by the boat sale warehouse on S. Oneida St. This one is by far the most difficult one. We knew that we have seen it somewhere but couldn’t recall. (She included a photo of her standing in front of it.)

3. The building is part of Lawrence University, near the Appleton downtown Y. Brokaw Building.

4. Those stairs can be found on newly built College Ave Bridge. (See the photo above.)

5. The newly restored old church by E. Harris Street and Durkee St.

6. The Mary Gold Mile sign can be seen at the corner of Olde Oneida Street and Oneida Street.

7. In front of The Building for Kids museum The Il Angolo restaurant in the background gives it away.

8. The S.C. Shannon building is currently occupied by the Appleton Area School District on Morrison St.

9. The Body Shop is a tattoo shop, located on Wisconsin Ave, near Richmond St.

10. Highland Memorial Park on Richmond Street, next to the Affinity Health Center.

Here is what Evelyn has to say about her victory and about Appleton, used with her permission:
Most locations were easy to find, since they are either close to where I live or they are on my way to work.... What got me stuck were the Y and the stairs. The Y painting got solved when you provided the hint since we recognized the warehouse. But we spent lots of time looking for the stairs, especially when you hinted that one of them is located south of Hwy 441 [Jeff's note: this was an error on my part. Sorry!]. We resorted to Google maps and Bing/Live maps to scan every building along the major streets south of 441! (Found some great places to visit in the near future though.) Eventually we analyzed the clues in the photo: new paint, new wide cement steps, and road sign along the top of the steps. We decided to check it out ourselves at 10:30 on a stormy night!

I have lived in Appleton for more than 12 years and still love it every single day. We found your blog (Appleton Rules!) many years ago and have relied on it for suggestions of all sorts of places to eat and to visit. Appleton has the best balance of big city variety and small town charm. Pretty darn good food and excellent tiger paws of course.
Congratulations, Evelyn! I'll have more photos posted this week to begin next week's Appleton Mystery Photo Contest. Evelyn wins a free 14-inch pizza from our sponsor, Glass Nickel Pizza--one of the few places in town where you can see some of my photos mounted on the walls. Go check them out and let them know that you came for the photos (and the food). Yes, the photos can be purchased. Contact me for details. Good luck on the next Mystery Photo Contest!