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Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Appleton Mystery Photo Contest Returns: Win Free Pizza from Glass Nickel Pizza

It's been a while, but I'm finally ready for a new round of Mystery Photo Contests. From now until Christmas, we'll be giving away free pizza each week, courtesy of Appleton's hottest new pizzeria, Glass Nickel Pizza. Glass Nickel Pizza has awesome pizza crust with top-notch ingredients, along with delightful salads and sandwiches. And I love the clever artwork made with thousands of nickels embedded in the glass (actually acrylic, I think) along their bar. That's not the only artwork you'll see at this establishment. Glass Nickel now features some of my photographs from the area on their wall (right side of the restaurant, last time I checked). Yes, the photos are available for purchase.

So here's how the context works. Each week I'll post some photos from Appleton or the Fox Valley (I'll tell you if any are from outside of Appleton). Identify as many photos as you can and tell me where each photo was taken. You get points for each correct answer (one point per photo unless otherwise indicated). Person with the most points that week gets a coupon worth up to $15 for a free pizza (you still need to cover the taxes and tip). Identify the location by giving either the approximate street address (e.g., "intersection of College and Meade, north side" or "169 W. 8th Street") or identifying the establishment (e.g., "interior of Lawrence Chapel" or "outhouse behind Planet Lindsay LLC Global Headquarters"). My immediate family members are excluded. Sorry, honey!

Here are this week's photos, all from greater Appleton. To submit your answers, email me at both jeff at and jeff at That decreases the chance of missing your answer. I'm the final judge.

Oh, I'll sometimes provide hints during the week for more difficult photos, so check this blog regularly. Special update: We'll have two winners this week. One for the person with the most correct answers, and another for the FIRST PERSON to name 5 or more locations correctly. So hurry!

If you like any of the photos on this blog or elsewhere on my website, ask the good folks at Glass Nickel to display it there. The best recommendation for a new photo that results in an addition to Glass Nickel's display will win a pizza as well.

Here are 10 photos for this week. Photo #5 features my brother, FYI, the famous Dave Lindsay, owner of Avalanche Studios, the place to go for professional video productions. Get your answers to me by 4 pm on Oct. 29. I'll try to announce the winner of Week 1 that evening. Meanwhile, anybody can enjoy great pizza and a little photography at Glass Nickel in Appleton. Hey, other pizza places and restaurants in general are welcome to become sponsors of the Appleton Mystery Photo Contest.

One more thing: please don't give away any locations yet in the comments.

Mystery Photos, Set A. Deadline: 4 PM Friday, Oct. 29.

One hint: At least one difficult photo is taken near a major street south of Hwy 441.
how old those pictures?
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