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Monday, June 28, 2010


Fourth of July Fireworks in the Fox Valley, 2010: Appleton Fireworks, Plus Neenah, Menasha, and Kimberly

Appleton's fireworks show will be held, as usual, in our spacious Memorial Park on the north side of town. The event in on Saturday, July 3, NOT the Fourth of July. Why? Because our fireworks are coordinated with the other major shows in Neenah and Menasha, and this year they will have their on the 4th. This way you can attend fireworks both Saturday night and Sunday night. Whose got the best program? Hard to say - they are all worth attending. It's one of the few times that I can sort of enjoy watching my tax dollars going up in smoke.

The Appleton events begin at 5 pm, including music, games, food, and some kind of cosmic convergence, I think. The fireworks begin when it gets sufficiently dark - probably around 9 or 9:30 pm. Bring earplugs. Oh, and this year the fireworks will be in 3D. That is, enhanced with 3D effects if you're wearing 3D glasses that will be given out at the Park. To be safe, you can pick them up ahead of time at US Bank
at 200 N Durkee St. (the cool bank with the mirror-like exterior).

As reported by, Neenah and Menasha have a full program of activities on the 4th of July, both culminating in fireworks shows running at the same time. The fireworks in both Menasha and Neenah begin at 9:30 PM on Sunday, the Fourth. The Menasha show occurs in Jefferson Park while Neenah's display is across the water in Riverside Park.

Then you can top off the holiday with more fireworks on Monday evening, July 5, at Kimberly's Sunset Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the Fox Valley. The fireworks begin at 9:30 pm, but get there earlier for more fun and to enjoy the beauty of sunset along the Fox River.

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they were worth my drive to the park.If u like fireworks that last 5 mins. knock yourself out. Ill go to another town where they r awesome and last longer.Appleton fireworks suck
Dude they didn't even have them yet this year! u must b a 20 year old child who dont have kids or neices or nephews. Go to another town then. there in 3D which u prolly dont even know what that is.
i cud say back in english which u prolly dont even no wut that is
Awesome fireworks. Thx!
I agree Appleton's fireworks were not worth driving too. I think they lasted 10 mins if that. We went to watch Neenah and Menasha's and Menasha's were definalty longer and better. I will continue to go see Menasha's every year just like I have been in the past.
Age doesn't matter when it comes to fireworks either, 5, 10 or 20 mins, it's all about who has the best show...
very nice article, it was a stellar display, hope to see this type of fireworks display during our next Wisconsin fireworks adventure.

Wisconsin fireworks
Am I losing my mind...or are the dates mixed up in this article. It states that the fireworks will be on Sunday, July 4th. And then there's another part that talks about Monday as the 5th of July????
This article is over a year old! That's why the dates are messed up.
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